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Agricultural Television and Video by Farmgate Media

Farmgate founder Stu Ellis is been a well-known agricultural correspondent in Illinois for over 40 years. Beginning as the farm broadcaster at WSOY in Decatur, Stu expanded his service to Cornbelt farmers through radio, television, newspapers, newsletters, and the Internet.

Farmgate Media has most recently produced an 8-episode series of field interviews in the Pacific Northwest on behalf of Texas Plant and Soil Lab and Rocky Mountain Agriculture. You can view these online at Youtube.

Farmgate Media services include:

● Radio and television script writing
● Audio and video reports and interviews from home and abroad
● Newsletter publication
● Tightly-produced, news-style, video production
● Audio tracks and voice-overs
● Public speaker on agriculture issues
● Conference moderator/emcee
● Agriculture show and event organizer
● Agriculture broadcast program host
● Commercial copywriting for audio and video formats
● Spokesperson in audio and video formats
● Development of educational materials related to agriculture
● Contract podcast production
● Still photography

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